Using Visual Content in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest trends in social media marketing this year is leveraging visual content. It’s impossible to scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed without stumbling on several images. Research shows that approximately 90% of information that your brain processes is visual, so it’s no wonder why image based platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest continue to experience massive user growth.

Types of Social Media Images


Infographics are a great way to establish yourself as an industry expert and to build your brand. Last year, 39% of B2B buyers shared infographics on social media frequently. An informative and visually appealing infographic will likely be shared by your social community, and will boost your brand’s exposure. Make sure to add a logo or website to every infographic you produce.

Example by SME

Recommended Website to Get You Started: Piktochart


Having trouble getting people to download your latest eBook? Adding an eye-catching image to your CTA can help! Many people have trained themselves to look past the average “Register Now” button on a website, but it’s harder to ignore a unique image. In fact, personalized CTAs have been shown to convert 42% more visitors into leads.

Example from Socially Sorted5-Design-Hacks-Register-Now-White

Recommended Website to Get You Started: HubSpot’s CTA Templates

Promotional Images

Did your company recently receive an award, gain a new certification, or get great feedback from a customer? You can promote these accomplishments with images. It’s important to get as many people to know about your successes as possible, and people are more likely to take notice of visuals versus reading about your company’s latest victory. Images also present a great way to inform your social audience of events you are hosting or attending.

Example by Social Media Examiner
Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.19.39 PM

Recommended Website to Get You Started: Canva


We expect the visual content trend to stick around when it comes to social media marketing, so don’t shy away from using images in your posts! Here are a few dimensions to keep in mind when sharing images.

Recommended Social Media Image Sizes