Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

website buildingIn today’s world, a website is essential. That said, too many business owners look at the many factors of developing a Web presence and consider taking an easy way out. While building your own site can be fun – and deferring it to a neighbor kid or friend is tempting – doing either runs the risk of leading your brand into digital obscurity.

Why should business owners leave websites to the experts?

Your Site Needs to Be for Your Customers, Not You

Diving into a DIY site-building tool might provide a sense of freedom, but in the long run, your site is on rails: It can only use a handful of features and those features, in turn, can only be put together in specific ways. The end result? Typically, business leaders end up with a site that works for them, but fails to take into account their customers’ needs. A skilled Web designer recognizes the difference and builds an easy, intuitive experience for users.

Having a “Bare-Bones” Site is Just 10% of the Process

Even the best “what you see is what you get” Web design tools really only provide you with a framework for your Web presence. Things like coding, copywriting, graphic design, and SEO all go into making your website a success. DIY tools gloss over these complexities and give a false sense that if you build it, they will come. That leads many business owners to launch sites that aren’t ready to attract, persuade, and convert. In the long run, they make no money.

Your Competitors’ Sites Will Look More Professional

As in other fields, Web design trends influence what’s popular and acceptable to the wider audience. Take, for example, the huge shift toward making websites mobile-friendly after Google announced mobile compatibility as a new ranking factor. website-buildIf your site doesn’t keep trends in mind, it will look outdated; and if your site isn’t up to date, would-be customers will have a difficult time believing your products and services are relevant to their needs. This brings potential customers straight to your competitor’s doorstep.

Maintaining it Yourself Will Burn Through Valuable Time

Maintaining a site has gotten easier, but if it’s not your area of expertise, why do it? There aren’t enough hours in the day – business leaders should stay focused on the ways they can generate strategic value. Non-technical execs and entrepreneurs who get involved updating their website are likely to introduce frustrating errors that will waste their time and scare off their visitors.

As websites have evolved from a luxury to a necessity, the standards of professionalism customers expect are changing. You’ll save time – and ultimately, money – when you commit to use a trustworthy digital marketing brand for your Web needs.

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