Understanding Customer Relationship Management Platforms (CRMs) and Choosing the Right One for Your Business

crm ebook downloadCRM platforms are powerful marketing and sales tools, but there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding what exactly a CRM does and how it contributes to revenue. Marketing and sales operations without a CRM lack reporting and analytics into customer acquisition, as well as valuable sales tools that increase closing rates.

This E-book serves as an introduction to CRMs and how you can find one for your business, including:

  • An overview of CRM functionality and why this is impactful
  • How CRMs and Marketing Automation Software (MAS) work together for streamlined marketing and sales
  • What makes a good CRM for your business

CRMs drive scalability in marketing and sales. With greater insight into customer acquisition, automated tracking and analytics, and streamlined sales processes, businesses can sustainably grow sales volumes to reach their business goals.