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Donnelly Mechanical Streamlines Their Sales Pipeline with Inbound Lead Generation

Amplify Helps Leading Commercial HVAC Provider Grow Their Business

Donnelly Mechanical is New York City’s premier provider of commercial HVAC and energy services. They reached out to Amplify at a time when their service offerings and customer base had expanded greatly, but their digital presence had not kept up with their expansion. Their web site was not generating the volume or quality of leads they needed and did not reflect their position as one of the top commercial HVAC companies in NYC.


With an inconsistent source of inbound lead generation, Donnelly was expending all marketing and sales efforts on outbound sources of lead generation, which are almost always less efficient in terms of return on investment (ROI) and less likely to uncover quality leads. Donnelly needed to streamline their sales pipeline by sourcing high quality leads through inbound digital marketing channels.

Exacerbating the problem was the fact that much of their audience was already locked into long-term commercial HVAC contracts. Outbound marketing and sales methods are untargeted by nature. Reaching their targeted buyers was hard enough in the first place – reaching them when they were ready to switch contracts was even less likely.

Donnelly was ready to elevate themselves to the top of their industry and become the premier commercial HVAC provider in NYC, but they needed a reliable source of quality leads to get to where they wanted to go.


Amplify worked closely with Donnelly’s executive and sales teams to develop mock personas of their targeted buyers. These buyer personas detailed their ideal prospects’ motivations for switching HVAC contracts and identified signs that a business was interested in finding a new HVAC provider. This served as the foundation for developing an integrated marketing strategy to more accurately target their ideal buyers and convert high quality leads.

With these buyer personas in mind, Amplify redeveloped Donnelly’s website to accelerate lead conversion. Design and copy worked together to create a compelling message that reflected Donnelly’s brand and resonated with their ideal prospects. Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices were employed throughout the entire website with a particular focus on ranking at the top of search engines for keywords with purchase-driven intent.

To further promote Donnelly’s industry visibility and drive website traffic, Amplify developed a content marketing strategy and managed paid advertisements on Google and social media. These assets amplified the volume of traffic coming into Donnelly’s website, increasing the instances of conversion. Also, strategically placed content and ads put Donnelly Mechanical’s name in front of ideal buyers on the channels they were already using, having the secondary effect of keeping their name and their brand top of mind in building managers who weren’t yet ready to switch HVAC contracts.

Increasing visibility in the industry, driving high lead conversion rates and ranking well in search engines were all things Donnelly needed to grow their business, but the key to ongoing success has been sophisticated attribution modeling and analytics. Marketing attribution allowed Amplify and Donnelly to work together to determine what was working and what wasn’t. This information facilitated an agile marketing strategy, shifting efforts to the most profitable tactics as they were identified. Attribution models and analytics paved the way for defining quantifiable goals and a roadmap to achieving those goals.


Donnelly Mechanical’s integrated marketing campaign has been highly successful and they’ve become the premier commercial HVAC and energy services provider in NYC. With a website optimized for search engines and lead conversion, content and social assets to boost visibility and traffic, and all of it being closely analyzed for continuous optimization, Donnelly had achieved a full-service integrated marketing campaign that delivers high quality leads on a regular basis.

These digital assets worked around the clock to generate high quality leads while Donnelly focused on providing the best HVAC service possible. With an effective integrated marketing strategy in place, Donnelly was able to capture the right leads at the right time, while also appealing to future potential customers still in a long-term contract.

A reliable source of inbound lead generation has streamlined Donnelly’s sales pipeline and led to higher sales volumes. Donnelly Mechanical and Amplify continue to work together to fine tune marketing strategy and tactics.

In a sea of Ford’s, AIMG is a Maserati. We’ve been working with Joe DeMicco and his team at AIMG for a couple of years now. They have proved to be a real asset to Donnelly’s marketing and sales teams. In addition to on-going marketing management that delivers strong leads to our sales team, AIMG’s in-house design and development teams are able to respond quickly to our ad hoc sales presentation needs. They listen and they respond with great ideas and strong marketing assets. Joe’s put together a top notch team at AIMG and we’re happy to partner with them.

- Dino Mangione, Vice President, Sales & Marketing,

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