Lead-to-Close Calculation Tool

Today, more than ever, a large portion of your new business development is predicated upon the increased awareness, engagement and conversion of website traffic to sales qualified leads. This tool will help you visualize your current and aspirational sales and marketing goals. In the process, you'll see how understanding your return on marketing investment (ROMI) is crucial for assessing profitability and growth.

See how modest adjustments to your marketing processes can lead to remarkable bottom line growth.

Your Baseline

Based on our default settings we estimate you are converting website visitors into customers per month.

Adjust the percentages below to best reflect your current numbers.

Adjust Your Lead to Close Calculations

Now that your current numbers have been input, see what an increase in visitors per month to your website, increased engagement and increased conversion rates in your sales funnel can do for your business.

Use the slide bars below to adjust the numbers.

Calculate Revenue

Now it gets interesting! Use the following simplified "Lifetime Value of Client" calculation to understand what it all means to your bottom line.

Replace the numbers in the tool below with your own.

Your Business Revenue Growth

Driving qualified traffic to your website, combined with an engagement and conversion strategy can have huge positive impacts on your revenue.

1Your Baseline 2Calculate Growth 3Lifetime Customer Revenue 4Revenue Growth

From your current website analytics please enter your number of monthly visitors below.