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A3 de Mexico Relies on Application Development Leadership to Break into a New Market

Amplify provides development and consulting services to launch a new branch of the Association for Advancing Automation

A3 de Mexico, a subsidiary of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), has been an Amplify client since 2016. This project began when A3 – who served all of North America, but primarily the U.S – identified Mexico as an emerging industrial robotics market. They hoped to establish themselves as the primary industrial robotics association in Mexico while the market was still young. Eventually, they hoped to expand into the global market, but for the time, Mexico was the perfect launching point. Their presence would begin with a dynamic website and application to promote their services, entice new members to join, and begin holding events for Mexican manufacturers, integrators, and other robotics companies.


While our client had global ambitions, the Mexican market for industrial robotics was foreign to them and presented unique challenges. The language barrier proved to be a pervasive challenge in the application development process, as did the balancing of billing and payment in pesos and U.S. dollars. But broadly speaking, there were no clear answers when initially deciding how to best attract new members and build an application that would serve their company’s needs. In addition to web and application development, our client leaned on us for sparking member growth while their subsidiary was still in its nascent stages.


To jumpstart growth,, historical data on membership growth and online user behavior was mined from other A3 organizations. The Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Automated Imaging Association (AIA), and Motion Control and Motors Association (MCMA), were all clients of ours, so historical, comparative metrics were readily available.

This data was used to inform current web and application development to maximize initial membership growth. It was decided that, until there were enough members to justify otherwise, the new subsidiary would be one single organization with one website and application, as opposed to being broken out by robotics, vision, and motion industries.

There would still be sections on the site for each subject, but members would only need to join one organization to get the benefits of all three – lowering the barrier to entry and maximizing initial value. A sophisticated system was built to programmatically pull relevant content from the other A3 organizations’ websites and place it in the appropriate sections. This would require little input on the part of our client on an ongoing basis, while providing significant value to potential members by serving as a centralized hub of knowledge.

Based on how current members used their member control panels, a complex application was built that balanced Spanish and English for company profiles, public facing pages, member control panels, administrative control panels and more. This balancing of two languages allowed easier use by our client’s administrators as well as Mexican companies, creating a seamless application experience for all involved.


Our client launched with a functional, high-performing website and application that helped attract new members at a critical stage during their first steps into the Mexican robotics market. This was all the result of data-driven consulting services and close collaboration between us and our client.

The application for programmatically pulling in content from A3 organizations widened the appeal of A3 de Mexico and proved to be a central part of the organization’s initial value. The intensive process for translation of administrative and member control panels, as well as public facing pages, also helped attract new members looking to grow in the Mexican robotics market.

Web and application development led the way for our client’s entrance into this new market. Overall, they’ve successfully established a presence in the Mexican robotics market and continue to rely on the website and application itself to drive new membership growth.

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