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Amplify developed an o-ring configurator to increase customer acquisition and make the easiest place to buy o-rings online., an Amplify customer since 2008, is an online store for purchasing o-rings, x-rings, and related products. In a recent complete redevelopment of the store, based on historical purchasing and site behavior data, we discovered that their website was losing customers during the purchasing process – after all the hard work of reaching and converting potential buyers was already done. needed a streamlined o-ring selection and purchasing process to increase site-wide conversion rates, but also to reach their broader goal of becoming the premier destination for purchasing o-rings online.


The application development project began with a simple idea to improve the o-ring selection and purchasing process – the problem was that this didn’t narrow down how the application should actually function. The core challenge lied in determining the functionality and specifications of the application, and finding what features would be the most impactful for a potential buyer. We had to work together with our client to bring an idea to fruition, starting at the conception phase.


Amplify sat down with leadership from  marketing, executive and sales teams to determine, piece by piece, the functionality of the resulting application. After a comprehensive review of historical data to determine the primary issues in the o-ring selection and purchasing process, it was decided that an o-ring configurator was needed.

This led directly to the development of a configurator in which a user could select an o-ring based on cross sections, inside and outside diameters, application requirements and/or material properties. With thousands of o-rings to choose from, this narrowed down the possibilities for a potential buyer drastically, making their decision much easier.

As this part of the configurator was being built, our client uncovered that most customers want to know inventory levels before making a purchase. The configurator was then built to include real-time inventory tracking across several distribution centers to further streamline the process.

The configurator was built in this way, piece by piece, driven in large part by historical data and our client’s executive direction. It was eventually agreed that all the information a potential buyer needed was being presented to them in a digestible way that facilitated lead conversion. The last phase of the project included adding behavioral site tracking to monitor visitors’ interactions with the application.


Our client received a Cold Fusion-based o-ring configurator that solved their lead conversion issues. In fact, none of their competitors had anything like it, making them the easiest way to purchase o-rings online.

Everything our client had determined necessary was included in the final product, from the small details of converting imperial and metric measurements to the complex system for real-time inventory tracking. The resulting product was a highly sophisticated application dealing with huge databases of information that was extremely easy for an end user to navigate.

The o-ring configurator, with its built in behavioral site tracking, also served another important purpose: now our client could observe actual buying behavior, as well as collect large scale data on buying trends, to inform future business decisions.

Ultimately, our client received an application that completely transformed the capabilities of their online store, set them apart from their competition and laid a foundation of data collection for more informed business decisions in the future.

We continue to work with, tweaking the o-ring configurator to constantly improve performance. It’s an ongoing project of fulfilling business needs as they arise.

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