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RIA Promotes Certification Program with Digital & Inbound Marketing

Amplify launches multi-faceted campaign to find new applicants and new users in a growing market.

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the largest industrial robotics association in North America, has worked with Amplify since 2008. As the leading robotics association, our client has a deep understanding of the industry and is often proactive in capitalizing on important industry trends. This is why, in a recent digital and inbound marketing push, they wanted to drive more applications for their Robotic Integrator Certification program.


Being ahead of the trends, they had actually launched their integrator certification program in 2012. However, it wasn’t until recently that a dedicated, coordinated marketing push began. Part of the problem was, even though the program was several years old, it wasn’t well known in the industry yet and it’s value wasn’t fully understood by integrators or users. With so much other noise surrounding the budding robotics industry, the challenge lied in not only promoting the program, but also effectively communicating it’s value to groups with different interests and motivations.


As with any project, we began by consulting buyer personas – fictional representations of ideal buyers, or in this case, integrators and users – to fully understand why they would participate in the certification program, and how that reasoning could be used to develop motivating content to drive certification applications, as well as user engagement.

With this knowledge, a search engine optimized (SEO) section of the website was built, focusing specifically on high-volume, high-value, intent-driven keywords. Design and content were drafted to educate visitors on the certification program while also compelling them to take the next steps, whether they were integrators or users.

Several top of funnel assets were drafted for promotion and SEO. Blog posts expanded our client’s digital net surrounding important keywords while simultaneously transferring authority and web traffic towards the certification section. Organic social media promotion was leveraged to get their large social following excited about the program.

Upon launch, the certification section was promoted with a highly targeted paid search campaign to reach new integrators and users at strategic times in search engines. Additionally, remarketing campaigns were put into place, leveraging our client’s internal webinar content, to maintain contact with website visitors and capture more leads and attention.

Ultimately, the website section was built, optimized for SEO and conversions, and promoted across several paid and organic sections.


Our client received a digital and inbound marketing campaign that revamped their certified integrator program, driving more applications for certification and more users searching for trustworthy business partners.

The new website section consistently ranked on the first page of google for targeted keywords and drove meaningful traffic. Paid search engine advertising and remarketing further increased traffic and promoted the program beyond what the organic presence could do. Content and design came together to create a compelling website section, converting traffic into leads and members of the program.

We continue to work with RIA, promoting the certified integrator section, as well as collaborating on a larger full-service integrated marketing campaign.

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