Robotic Industries Association Selects AIMG | Accurate Imaging to Create Dynamic Website Design to Better Serve Diverse Membership

AIMG | Accurate Imaging was selected by Robotic Industries Association, the nation’s premiere industrial robotics organization, to create a new website design to better serve their diverse membership. Additionally, the site must function as an effective marketing tool by delivering quality leads both to member advertisers and for its own membership drive. In an effort to improve the usability of, the new dynamically-driven website design features not only an updated look and feel but better organization, an integrated ecommerce solution and new easy-to-use on-site search tools.

To attract and serve the Robotic Industries Association’s diverse online audience, which includes members, membership leads, and guests who are either new to industrial robotics or are engineers, designers, integrators, consultants, suppliers, students, manufacturers, researchers, scientists and resellers, the website is organized into clearly marked and easily accessible sections offering News, Featured Articles, Tech Papers, Case Studies, Editorials, Video, Blog, Newsletter, Bookstore and Events. From the Info Center the site user may easily access all of the categories. Navigation is also available in the left bar and at the bottom of the page.

In order to better manage the wealth of resources at the site and to make it quick and easy for a user to focus in on his interests, three separate site search tools, each offering a specific search for one of the following: Find a Product, Find a Service and Find a Company, were integrated into the template to make them available from every web page. The site search tools benefit both the user and the advertiser by accurately matching advertisers with targeted users actively searching for what they offer, creating a satisfying result for both parties.

RIA wanted to make registering for membership and purchasing books conveniently available online from the website application. AIMG developed and integrated a custom ecommerce solution, allowing users to register to make a credit card purchase for membership and merchandise. Additionally, AIMG provided the client with full management capabilities with the integration of the client’s iMIS Business Management Solution, resulting in a robust website application that serves the needs of the client’s organization and its members and guests.

AIMG provides custom website design, application development and third-party application integration services to help organizations, associations, not-for-profits, and a variety of businesses reach their online business goals.