AIMG | Accurate Imaging Creates Ecommerce Website Design for Leading Glass Manufacturer Bendheim Restoration Glass®

AIMG | Accurate Imaging has just launched the new e-commerce website designed for Bendheim Restoration Glass®, world leaders in the development of glass specifically used for historical restoration projects. The launch of this website marks the third website design project that AIMG has completed for the Bendheim Corporation.

Having provided its trademarked restoration glass for such esteemed projects as The White House, the Haupt Conservatory, the Monticello Thomas Jefferson Home, and the Mark Twain House, Bendheim was eager to broaden its market and make the product available for easy online ordering. AIMG created an ecommerce website solution that satisfies both the frontend needs of the site visitor and the backend administrative needs of the client.

The site is designed to allow visitors to easily find the information they need while enjoying their experience at the same time. The rich hues and evocative images of artisans engaged in glass blowing serve to connect the visitor with the restoration glass product and motivate him to do business with Bendheim. Lots of different types of information about the company and the product is available, including helpful instructions for measuring and both a slide show and streamed video demonstration of the mouth blown glass technique, to ensure the visitor has the information he needs to progress to the next stage of the buying process. All ecommerce websites developed by AIMG are designed to move the site visitor seamlessly through the buying cycle, an objective different from a purely informational site. Once the site visitor has registered with the site, the easy-to-use online shopping cart tool guides him through the online purchasing process, allowing him to use his credit card to order a sample set of glass or one of the two available pre-cut glass products. Additionally, there is a convenient online request for quote form for special orders. Once the order has been placed the customer will receive email notification and his information will be safely stored within the Bendheim Restoration Glass customer database.

The administrative side of the ecommerce website application allows Bendhiem to update product and pricing information conveniently online 24/7. From a secure login, the assigned Bendheim application administrators can manage all website, customer and order information.

AIMG provides custom ecommerce website solutions specifically designed to guide site visitors seamlessly through the buying process.