AIMG | Accurate Imaging Provides Leading International Investigations Group with Website Design, Corporate Logo Design and Content Creation

Leading international investigations, protection and surveillance company Global Investigations Group approached AIMG | Accurate Imaging for corporate website design, corporate logo design and website content creation in an effort to develop their online presence for brand marketing and lead acquisition.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging’s website design team worked closely with the content development team and the client to come up with a design that relates the peace of mind the company offers clients and the fact that the company provides services internationally as well as nationwide. The majority of the client’s prospects are big business, legal firms, banks, V.I.P.’s and investors. Generally they have top priority concerns that relate to millions of dollars in business. It was important to create a sense of calm and confidence that G.I.G. has had success in the past for major clients and offers them that same result. A graphic of a globe was integrated into both the corporate logo design and the website design to represent their international offerings. Further to that end, a marketing tagline was created by AIMG’s senior copywriter that relates both the client’s global offerings and the strength of their investigations. Additionally, the corporate logo was designed to be effective across all collateral marketing materials, including print, online, and video.

In order to develop marketing copy for the website that both attracted and spoke directly to the needs of the client’s high powered target audience groups, extensive research into the types of services offered was performed. During development, keyword research was also performed for each web page as part of the search engine optimization process. The copy of each web page is highly focused, using keywords and phrases determined to be searched by the client’s target audience groups, making each page ready to be scanned and indexed by the major search engine entities as well as valuable to the client’s prospective leads. To ensure the site visitor performs the desired action, calls-to-action are strategically placed throughout the copy on each web page.

As part of the content creation process, AIMG researched and acquired images to be used on the site to support the message of the copy. Once the client selected the images he preferred, AIMG’s digital image department prepared them to be integrated into the site. The client had also supplied some images from his investigation project in the Congo. The design team created a collage to accompany the Case Study of this investigation that was written by AIMG.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging provides website design, corporate branding, content creation and a host of marketing services to leading companies representing a variety of industries.