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Web + Application Development

TCCC Application Facilitates Intuitive Collaboration Between Doctors

Amplify application development helps the THANC Foundation bring their idea to fruition in order to improve the quality of thyroid cancer care

The Thyroid Cancer Care Collaboration (TCCC) application, recently launched by Amplify and the Thyroid Head and Neck Cancer (THANC) Foundation, was built with the goal of improving the overall level of care for thyroid cancers and, eventually, helping to find a cure for thyroid cancer. The application itself changed dramatically from the point of initial conception to final completion – there were several points along the way, especially during the conceptual stages, where we had to come together and determine the best solution based on functionality and feasability. One of these points was defining and developing an intuitive method for doctors to collaborate on diagnostic information and patient records.


Doctor collaboration is a fundamental aspect of TCCC’s functionality and would be vital to its future success. Our client knew that they wanted a method of collaboration that went beyond simply sharing notes and records, but they weren’t sure what development options were available. We understood this need for usability and functionality, but weren’t versed in the wealth of medical knowledge oncologists, surgeons, and doctors would be sharing. We had to combine our application development experience with our client’s diagnostic expertise to develop a cohesive, intuitive application that made doctor collaboration easier and more effective.


The first step was sitting down and determining what exactly was needed. Our client laid out their ideal solution for promoting quick and easy collaboration between doctors. We took this information and presented some practical development solutions to fulfill their vision.

A solution was agreed upon and we developed a complex imaging module with a patient care timeline for doctor collaboration. Our client was involved in every step to provide guidance on the types of medical information doctors would be communicating.

The imaging module featured a diagram of a human thyroid, parathyroid, lymph nodes and nodules. On this diagram, doctors could add a wide range icons (with an associated icon key for translation) to different parts of the thyroid, indicating its diagnostic status and location on the patient. All doctors had to do was place these icons on the diagram, and other doctors could use the icon key to immediately see a patient’s status and diagnosis.

A patient care timeline supplemented this imaging module by displaying a visual timeline of all treatments, procedures and diagnoses completed. This was a quick reference for doctors that filled in any gaps in a patient’s story, but also linked to in-depth details of past medical procedures.


Our client received a practical, intuitive method for promoting collaboration between doctors working on thyroid cancer patients. The imaging module and patient care timeline are central functions, adding simplicity and functionality to the entire application.

The imaging module and patient care timeline are capable of all the functionality our client had hoped for from the start, while also including all of the necessary diagnostic information that doctors need for effective communication.

TCCC has been an ongoing project, making small usability changes as needed based on user feedback. We continue to work with the THANC Foundation on a number of projects.

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