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WynnPharm’s Personalized Emails Build Strategic Business Relationships

Amplify leverages marketing automation and emails to enhance post-trade show sales activities.

WynnPharm Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of vitamins and supplements, wanted to drive more sales of a particular brand of joint health products. Post-trade show sales and outreach was identified as a part of the marketing and sales cycle that needed improvement. Specifically, it was determined that cultivating better business relationships with doctors and physicians – who provide free samples for patients to explore their long-term joint health options – was a key aspect of this post-tradeshow marketing and sales initiative.


Doctors are focused on providing their patients care. They typically have little to no downtime and are often cautious about which free samples they give to their patients. The true challenge of this campaign was to get in front of doctors in a meaningful way, explaining the benefits of our client’s joint health supplements in a limited amount of time and space, and simultaneously nurturing a large number of doctors with varying levels of maturity in their relationship to our client.


We collaborated with our client on a concept for an email marketing workflow with marketing automation support. The workflow was designed to reach doctors at strategic times after trade shows, featuring different funnels depending on their engagement to maximize the number of free samples requested.

Previously, we had sat down together to determine several buyer personas as part of a broader integrated marketing campaign. These buyer personas were mock representations of our client’s ideal buyers, and were used to develop high-quality email content to catch the attention of doctors and motivate them to take the next steps. Buyer personas were a crucial part of the content, as this knowledge helped us speak directly to the needs of the targeted doctors.

Using the same buyer persona knowledge, a landing page was developed with consistent messaging, further explaining the value of our client’s free samples and providing a place to convert, or request the free samples. The landing page was designed with best practices in mind proven to be most effective for converting leads.

The entire campaign was added into a marketing automation platform. This allowed for personalization of emails to boost engagement, but also for automation of the nurturing process in a measurable way. The marketing automation platform provided room for scalability as more and more doctors became leads and were targeted by the email campaign.


The targeted, automated email campaign led directly to doctors requesting free samples of joint health supplements, marking the start of an ongoing relationship with our client. These new doctor relationships widened our client’s reach in the consumer market without the expense of print or digital advertising or other costly mass-marketing methods.

The personalization of emails, as well as their strategic timing and messaging for optimal nurturing, led to high open, click-through and conversion rates. Overall, this was a wide-reaching and ambitious outbound marketing campaign, but required little upfront investment and had the personalization and targeting to facilitate conversions from the right leads.

We continue to work with WynnPharm on post-trade show relationship building with doctors, as just one portion of a larger integrated marketing campaign, to drive sales of joint health supplements.

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