10 Holiday Marketing Ideas for 2021

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you want your business marketing to be ready as the time nears. Fortunately, there are plenty of holiday marketing ideas to help you brainstorm your upcoming advertising campaign. Read on to learn about the importance of being topical in your holiday marketing, and check out the following 10 holiday marketing ideas for 2021!

Importance of Being Topical With Marketing

holiday marketingYou can focus on general marketing topics anytime throughout the year. However, it’s vital to focus on the holidays in your marketing as it’s a moment when people are spending more money on products and services.

In fact, in 2020, it was projected Americans would spend $998 on average on holiday gifts and other holiday season expenses. This shows that people are willing to spend more money during the holiday season, and you want them to buy your products and services when they do!

Since some workers are still working from home, you may have to tailor your holiday marketing to the remote work crowd and those in the office. But, don’t worry. This is entirely doable!

With a multi-faceted holiday marketing campaign, you’ll be ready to show off your products and services to the masses just in time for the holidays.

10 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Here are 10 holiday marketing ideas for 2021:

1 Advertise Holiday Promotions in Multiple Ways

When you start your holiday promotions, use different types of advertising. Use email marketing, social media, and in-person promotions to create a holiday-themed buzz.

2 Offer Product Deals

As part of your holiday marketing plan, offer product deals where your customers can get bulk products and services at a special holiday price.

3 Host Promotional Holiday Contests

Holiday promotional contests are extremely popular and will help you get the word out about your company.

4 Use Social Media to Promote Your Holiday Specials

Social media is a must-use type of holiday marketing. This type of marketing lets you expand your reach and advertise your products and services.

5 Host In-Person Events

Customers are often attracted to products and services as a result of in-person events. If your company can, host in-person events for holiday marketing purposes.

6 Create a Customer-Focused Holiday Marketing Plan

Keep your customers in mind as you create your holiday marketing plan. Think of what your customers want and provide it to them with a holiday theme in mind.

7 Offer Free Products

Everyone loves free products, and your customers will, too. Create free product promotions to draw new and prior customers in.

8 Get Your Customers Excited About the Holidays

Create a buzz surrounding the holidays and make sure your marketing is put into motion with the holidays in mind. This will help your customers get excited about the holidays and attract them to your products and services.

9 Use Relevant Hashtags

When you create your social media marketing campaign, use holiday-themed hashtags in conjunction with your offerings.

10 Start the Holiday Campaign Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your holiday campaign. Start the brainstorming sessions now!

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