15 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List

An email list is one of the most powerful marketing resources any brand can have. As soon as your website goes live, it’s crucial to make building your email list part of your efforts. But many business leaders, especially in the B2B world, are not yet clear about the immense influence an email list can have on your bottom line.

Importance of a Large, Updated Email List

An email list is used for two primary purposes. First, it helps develop leads into first-time customers. Second, it gives you the resources to deepen relationships and retain customers long-term. This helps you increase your lifetime customer value while reducing the costs associated with customer acquisition.

Risk of a Small, Unkept Email List

If you do not invest time and effort into your email list, it will not work for you. An email list that doesn’t offer value to subscribers will have a hard time attracting and keeping them. Luckily, marketing automation software can be used to connect with subscribers consistently.

15 Ways to Grow Your List

  1. Have relevant, well-designed lead magnets for each of your buyer personas
  2. Write e-books that buyers can apply to their business problems right away
  3. Record a video series you can use as an email subscriber reward
  4. Showcase email subscriber benefits on your website and social media
  5. Offer special discounts on upsells and cross-sells to email subscribers
  6. Get testimonials about your email list from satisfied subscribers
  7. Use 48-hour limited time offers to get more people to join your list
  8. Use your list for customer appreciation, especially around the holidays
  9. Provide unique content to subscribers that they can’t get anywhere else
  10. Have a consistent schedule for sending out your email updates
  11. Use your email list to showcase your best blogs, videos, and other content
  12. Remind your customers about your list on invoices and other printed materials
  13. Be sure you understand the value proposition of your email list and highlight it in your promotions
  14. Use your email list to recruit for events like podcasts and webinars aimed at your “elite” users
  15. Give people plenty of chances to opt into your email list as they research and buy your products

With B2B marketing automation from AIMG, your email list is always working on your behalf.

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