2021’s Top 8 Marketing Challenges

In 2020, much B2B activity was frozen in time. But B2B decision-makers continued to refine their preferences and expectations. Those changes created the seeds of marketing trends industrial companies must face today.

Risk of Not Being Aware of Upcoming Marketing Challenges

Even the savviest B2B buyers are very different today than they were twelve months ago. Industrial firms must update their marketing strategies if they expect to appeal to their target audiences. Failing to do so will allow competitors to move more nimbly and capture greater market share.

Top 8 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

1. COVID-19

While the worst effects of COVID are behind us, the pandemic has still transformed buyer preferences. Aligning with these preferences means doubling down on digital marketing, video, and remote product demonstrations.

2. Limited Resources

Limits on marketing resources are a perennial problem in the B2B sector. This requires a focus on long-term, low-cost solutions like SEO and content marketing that build competitive advantages, unlike most advertising.

3. Reduced Brand Awareness

The industrial sector is getting more crowded as barriers to entry fall. You cannot assume your target market knows your value proposition. Document your brand and ensure your website and social profiles reflect it.

4. Low Marketing ROI

Many different factors go into ensuring marketing ROI. Reviewing your team’s performance regularly helps you see what’s working. A digital marketing agency can help you analyze your data and raise your ROI quickly.

5. Poor Data Hygiene

For software to deliver value, the underlying data must be accurate. Review your technology stack to ensure you’re using best-in-class applications for Customer Relationship Management and marketing data analytics.

6. Hiring Woes

One of the enduring lessons of the pandemic is that more jobs can be done remotely than were ever suspected before. Consider introducing remote resources or using a third-party agency to fill roles that are hard to hire.

7. Privacy Concerns

The average consumer is becoming much more aware of data privacy issues. This extends to B2B decision-makers as well. Be sure you have a documented privacy policy and understand GDPR and CCPA requirements.

8. Mobile Readiness

A mobile-ready website is increasingly vital. Google and other search engines prioritize Mobile-friendly sites. B2B decision-makers are using mobile, too. An agency can often retool your website in just days.

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