15 Summer Marketing Tactics to Drive Sales

Marketers can use seasonality and timeliness to their advantage.

And that isn’t just for B2C businesses. B2B enterprises face unique opportunities as their target customers pivot out of “survival mode” and look for new ways to excel. Bigger budgets are providing decision-makers with leeway to update equipment and make other critical purchases. B2B firms can profit by acting fast.

On the other hand, businesses that fail to acknowledge the changing of the seasons and the passing of significant milestones risk looking out of touch. In a fast-moving and fast-changing world, the highlights of the seasons remain familiar touchstones. Everybody is subject to them, and everyone can share them equally.

Let’s look at fifteen summer marketing techniques that will help heat up your sales results:

  1. Test and run exclusive seasonal offerings using your email marketing list
  2. Donate a percentage of sales to charities supported by your customers
  3. Host and participate in summer-themed online events, such as webinars
  4. Introduce a photo contest to help encourage user-generated content
  5. Offer summer giveaways to your current customers
  6. Leverage limited time “Flash Sales” for current customers and new leads
  7. Take time to create a loyalty event celebrating your long-term customers
  8. Update your marketing with summer-themed visuals
  9. Launch new, limited-time rewards for referral business
  10. Collaborate with other B2B businesses for an event or cross-promotion
  11. Send out customer satisfaction surveys with the chance to win a prize
  12. Expand your social media marketing with posts on trending summer topics
  13. Post “behind the scenes” photos of your hard-working staff in action
  14. Share summer tips relevant to your customer’s industry and business issues
  15. Look for tasteful ways to honor summer holidays on social media and video

Exactly how you incorporate seasonality into your business depends on your industry, region, and brand. For example, some industrial firms cater to customers who face specific technical challenges depending on the season. It only makes sense to create, refine, and share plenty of seasonal content in cases like this.

For more marketing guidance, trust the experts. AIMG’s business development consulting lets you take the reins and do more to proactively determine your own business’s tempo. No matter the season, you can break the “feast or famine” cycle and achieve consistent, powerful sales and marketing results.

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