The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Online Video Marketing

Video Is One of the Most Engaging Forms of Content Today

Virtually all top brands use video content to drive brand awareness, convert leads into customers, and boost lifetime customer value. Video is more memorable and more likely to be shared than text content. A page with video is far more likely to lead to a sale than one without it.

The Potential of Doing Video Right

Doing video content right creates enormous advantages for a business at any stage of growth. It will help you attract more traffic, convert more leads, and strengthen relationships. Video creates more word-of-mouth marketing than other content. YouTube channels can also generate passive income and spur reactions to limited-time offers.

The Risk of Doing Video Wrong

If you do video content wrong, it will deprive you of a huge opportunity to connect with decision-makers. In the worst cases, poorly produced video content will make your brand seem amateurish. However, most of the time, lousy video content simply gets ignored – which means creating it turns into nothing but overhead.

There are some clear guidelines that any industrial brand should follow to make video content work:


  • Create content your audience can put into practice fast to resolve pressing business problems
  • Make content in a variety of lengths, from under three minutes to more than twenty minutes
  • Aim for high production standards unless the format calls for it (like “behind the scenes”)
  • Amplify your video marketing efforts using your email subscriber list and social media


  • Don’t generate strictly self-promotional content without delivering some concrete value
  • Don’t start working on a video until you know where it fits within the audience’s buyer journey
  • Don’t ignore video analytics software, which can tell you which videos resonate with viewers

Trust the Experts to Help You Execute Effectively

Very few industrial firms have an in-house video production unit. Traditionally, the barriers to entry for doing video marketing right have been very high. Each video may take weeks to produce and cost thousands of dollars in an environment where the most successful brands publish new videos every week.

With B2B content marketing from AIMG, you can achieve an affordable and reliable pipeline of video content. It’s finally possible to have quality videos that reflect your brand’s promise and value while staying focused on what you do best.

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