4 Expert Predictions for Email Marketing in 2020 & Beyond

Email marketing builds long-term relationships with leads and customers by sending helpful, informative content on a regular basis, adding value to subscribers’ lives and businesses.

Because email marketing is scalable and inexpensive, B2B, and B2C firms both use it with great success. But in the past, it has been misused to pepper subscribers with constant offers, driving them away.

Today, email marketing has the potential to develop leads and enhance lifetime customer value. Experts are predicting it will continue to evolve.

Here’s what to expect from email marketing in 2020 and beyond:


Addressing subscribers by name – known as “first name personalization” – has a marked effect on email engagement, but it’s only the start. In the near future, email campaigns will be infused with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data at all levels. This enables ultra-precise list segmentation so that messaging is always relevant, and paves the way for granular, AI-driven email content based on user behavior.

2.Responsive Interactivity

Interactivity sparks not just engagement, but genuine curiosity. Functional interactivity means using interactive elements to clarify and reinforce the value of your message so it is more accessible. Interaction will increasingly take place from directly within email, using animated buttons, rollover features, product carousels, surveys, polls, and more, while making content available instantly based on response data.

3.Accessible Design, Content, and Code

Accessibility exists on two dimensions: The ability of users to navigate, parse, and act on your message and the ability of that message to function across platforms. The Internet of Things is growing larger every day, and email content is now being consumed on smart speakers and an increasing variety of mobile devices. Updating your emails to be compatible with audio and screen readers will be essential.


Automation is the cornerstone of a modern email marketing strategy. The next wave of automation must orchestrate sophisticated, user-dictated message sequences, delivering email content triggered by recent, relevant subscriber activity. Better split testing and multivariate testing will be crucial to fuel continuous improvement across an ever-growing volume of email messages and workflows.

Email marketing remains a powerful and versatile tool, but the rules are changing. AIMG clients benefit from state-of-the-art B2B marketing automation that captures industry-leading email ROI.