The Top 5 Ways to Generate B2B Leads During a Pandemic

A B2B lead is a decision-maker with the budget, authority, and need to implement your solution within a reasonable timeframe. Leads enter your sales funnel, get qualified, and ideally convert into customers.

In the old days, most B2B leads were reached through outbound marketing like cold calling. Now, interruptive techniques are giving way to inbound marketing: Attracting leads with valuable digital content.B2B decision-makers pride themselves on their fact-based selection process, but uncertainty caused by the pandemic is causing many to pull back on purchases. The rate of lead acquisition is falling.

Luckily, you can use your knowledge and authenticity to connect with leads even at a time like this.

Here’s how:

1.Increase Prospecting

While competitors back away, double down on prospecting. Use multiple methods, striking a balance between high-touch and automation. Run digital ads, send “warm emails” through LinkedIn, and make yourself visible and helpful in online communities where prospects go for advice.

2.Consider Your Prospect’s Customer

Remember: Behind your prospect is somebody else, the end-user or customer. Every prospect adds to the bottom line by creating value for that person. Now’s the ideal time to check assumptions and ensure you understand your prospects’ prospects inside and out.

3.Be Empathetic

Even if business fundamentals are sound, everyone feels the squeeze of an unknown future. Listen to leads more than you talk, take collaborative approaches, and recognize that some agreements that were supposed to close quickly may be on a longer time horizon than anyone expected.


Now more than ever, make all prospecting relevant to your audience. That may mean fine-tuning your email marketing segmentation or boosting the production of blogs and videos. Share your expertise on how your clients can navigate changing conditions successfully – they want to hear from you!

5.Make Your Pitch Like You’re Talking to a CFO

The CFO needs to see hard figures backed up by concrete data on ROI before considering a purchase. Find out what metrics matter to your prospects and “speak their language” by connecting the results your solution offers to the financials that drive their success.

Businesses that embrace the challenge today will be in a better position to flourish in the rebounding economy of 2021 and beyond. AIMG’s business development consulting can help you get a head start.