4 Marketing Trends to Take Action on in 2018

2018 is finally upon us, and it’s time for marketers to take action on all the great opportunities it offers. 2017 was the fastest-moving year yet in digital marketing – it seemed like new things were emerging every week.

By comparison, 2018 will be a year of consolidation.

There are clear marketing trends for savvy marketers to leverage, and time enough to enact best practices in areas where they’ll make the biggest difference. From 2017’s ocean of dozens of possibilities, four marketing trends stand tall in 2018.

Let’s take a look at the top digital marketing trends in the new year:

Mobile-First Marketing and UX

Over the last few years, average customers and enterprises alike have lived more of their online lives within the mobile ecosystem. Now, it’s time for businesses of all size categories and industries to follow suit. 2018 may well be the last chance to establish a truly mobile-optimized presence before online visibility drops off a cliff for those who didn’t heed the warnings.

Google’s mobile-first indexing means that the mobile, responsive version of your website will be your most visible online asset in 2018 and beyond. At the same time, Pew Research shows that Americans are embracing smartphones at higher rates than ever – about 77% of Americans now have one. Older and lower-income Americans are coming aboard at a brisk pace.

A Content Marketing Explosion

With so many millions of people enjoying unprecedented access to mobile broadband wherever they go, it’s no surprise they’re hitting the Web to solve problems and ask questions. Content marketing was identified by more than 800 marketers as the #1 marketing activity they expect will make the biggest difference for their business – and their clients – in 2018.

marketing trends 2018Big Data Gets More Integrated

Content marketing is an engine that’s driving the Web to untold millions of new pages. In the midst of all that, a personalized experience goes a long way toward sparking interest and trust from prospective customers. Fully-integrated Customer Relationship Management and analytics suites will continue to operationalize Big Data, so it’s time to implement the right one for you.

Influencers Who Really Matter

With the Web growing at an amazing pace, both B2C and B2B buyers are more skeptical about the advice they follow online. A celebrity endorsement no longer shines: They want to interact with relatable, recognizable experts who can offer them unbiased opinions. Influencer marketing will continue to solidify as an adjunct to anonymous reviews and friends’ recommendations.

2018 has the potential to be a banner year for marketers. Just like your New Year’s resolution, it’s a fresh opportunity to choose your focus and find a place for your brand to shine by capitalizing on these marketing trends.