How AdWords Customer Match Can Complement Your Email Marketing Strategy

AdWords is the biggest digital advertising platform, so it’s no surprise there’s always something to learn. One feature all marketing pros should be familiar with is AdWords Customer Match.

When it was introduced in 2015, Customer Match made a splash. In the years since, however, it has become easier to miss thanks to the profusion of other features introduced by the Big G.

It shouldn’t be overlooked: Customer Match can blast your email campaigns into overdrive.

What AdWords Customer Match is and Why it Matters

Customer Match is part of Google’s push to provide a more personalized search experience for users. You can think of it as “remarketing on steroids,” because it allows you to build customized campaigns focused around the needs of specific customers.

From the marketer’s perspective, Customer Match starts by submitting a list of email addresses to Google. These addresses allow Google to identify your customers when they are signed into Google services – letting you target them in the most refined, granular way yet.

Identical matches between your customer list and Google’s internal database come back as full-fledged audience segments that you can seamlessly integrate into your Search Network, Gmail Ads, and YouTube campaigns.

adwords customer matchCustomer Match as Part of Email Marketing

On its own, that would be exciting enough – you could actually write an ad specifically for one customer if you chose. When it comes to blending practicality and power, however, Customer Match works best as part of your email marketing campaigns.

In effect, you can use it to tailor AdWords based on subscribers’ activity … or lack thereof.

This lets you apply the right strategy to the right people at the right time:

Converting Engaged Email Subscribers

After email subscribers finish a “welcome” sequence that introduces them to your brand, an AdWords Customer Match segment can follow up with those who didn’t convert in the final message. Gmail Ads can be designed to draw on the verbiage of the welcome messages to prompt recall.

Converting Less Engaged Email Subscribers

Customer Match gives you a unique way to reignite your opportunity with lapsed subscribers – without having to send them even more emails. When users have gone a significant time without engagement, a new segment can activate to get them back on track.

Upselling Your Existing Customer Base

If you sell a contract-based solution, AdWords Customer Match can help you remind your customers to take action as their renewal date approaches. Plus, you can familiarize existing customers with products or services that they may not have considered yet.

Customer Match lets you generate greater lifetime value from current customers and even spark business from those you might otherwise lose. It is another great way to optimize your email efforts.