5 Keys to Success When Attending a Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade shows have become extremely common in today’s post-COVID world.

Adapting your skills to a virtual event can be challenging: Technology may not always work as planned, and making an authentic connection over a webcam takes practice. But, virtual events are important because they’ve replaced face-to-face gatherings (for now) and represent all the same lead generation opportunities.

Here’s how to prepare and make the most of virtual trade shows:

1.Prioritize Networking

Modern virtual events come with a whole slew of technology options to help you network. Learn these in advance and know exactly when to use them. Likewise, be sure you understand which parts of the schedule are blocked off specifically for networking and make time to attend. Stay distraction-free throughout!

2.Pre-Book Video Calls with Leads

Identify the most promising leads at the show and reach out for face-time – just be sure you’re scheduling it in a way that works with the show’s other events. You can also promote your virtual meeting sign-up link on social media to capture interest from attendees at large.

3.Pick Your Team of Attendees Strategically

Just as with an in-person show, relevant product and persona knowledge are keys to success. The best reps know your target audience backwards and forwards and are personable and engaging. Make certain those sterling relationship-building skills translate well to digital media, too.

4.Equip Reps with Highly-Relevant Content

Content is your real “foot in the door” for any prospects you meet during your virtual event. Double-check that you know your buyer personas and product use cases and that your knowledge is reflected in the collateral you prepare. Good content can spark conversations and motivate prospects to follow up later.

5.Centralize Where You Capture Leads

Is your CRM ready for showtime? All your reps should be capturing lead information in a central database that’s accessible to your whole trade show team and compatible with your technology. This will help you turn on a dime and go right into follow-up mode while leads are still interested in what you have to say.

A nimble, well-prepared marketing organization is crucial to better performance at virtual events. AIMG can help you capture more leads for your business through proven marketing for industrial companies.