5 Ways to Use Emotion Effectively in B2B Marketing

B2B buyers often pride themselves on data-driven decisions. But every purchase has an emotional component, and that definitely includes B2B.

Using emotion in B2B is high risk and high reward: You can connect with your audience on a deeper level, but you run the risk of seeming unprofessional if you do it wrong.

Here’s how to spice up your B2B marketing with emotion the right way:

1.Tell a Story

People have told stories to make sense of their world since the beginning. In B2B marketing, the way to do it is the case study. A case study should focus on a client – the hero – the challenge they faced, and how you helped them overcome it. Let clients speak in their own words to make them relatable.

2.Show That Others Value Your Products and Services

Social proof helps overcome doubt by letting buyers know others “just like them” succeed with you. Text-based testimonials should be distributed throughout your website. Video testimonials are even more powerful and get plenty of attention on social media.

3.Make Customers Feel Like Part of Your Tribe

People love knowing their voice is heard. You can use your email list and social media to help them feel like part of a unique, special group. Solicit feedback from customers so they can shape your offerings. Give them the “backstage pass” to new features or behind-the-scenes content whenever possible.

4.Use Appropriate Colors

Color psychology is fundamental to how your message is perceived. Colors have different meanings across cultures, but most U.S. meanings are very familiar. Blue and gold communicate prestige; black and silver are the colors of luxury. Make sure your use of color is intentional and guided by your brand’s values.

5.Gain Your Audience’s Trust

There are many ways to gain trust, but all come back to transparency. Look for ways to reduce risk for future customers: For example, SaaS brands should always be asking themselves if a free trial could be part of their sales funnel. Responsive customer care and strong customer success resources also build trust.

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