5 Questions To Ask When Hiring a B2B Marketing Agency

Hiring a B2B marketing agency helps you get more ROI from your marketing budget. You will be able to quickly see which initiatives are producing results and which ones aren’t, helping you optimize your spending. Plus, you can stay focused on the things you do best.

However, not all B2B marketing agencies will be a good fit for your business.

These days, it is easier than ever for anyone to claim to be a marketing agency. By taking the time to question prospective vendors, you can quickly sort out which ones are unsuitable. From there, it’s easier to find a true “best fit” for your business.

What questions should you ask when interviewing a B2B marketing agency?

“How much experience do you have?”

Experience is paramount when it comes to a marketing agency. Older agencies have found ways to adapt to changing marketing standards and deliver proven results. Newer ones are much more likely to have a limited quiver of tactics that may go out of date at any time.

“Have you done work in my industry?”

B2B is a very broad category. To be successful, an agency must understand your market, your business situation, and how decision-makers think through the process of choosing you. Ideally, your agency has worked with peer enterprises as well as those larger than you.

“What are your clients’ results?”

A good B2B agency attracts positive customer reviews and testimonials. If they truly understand digital marketing, they have already developed case studies for your review. Their past results should be strong enough to persuade you that they are worth the investment.

“How will you measure success?”

There are many ways to measure marketing impact. However, it’s easy to get stuck on the wrong metrics. For example, traffic to your website is meaningless if it does not promote conversion activity. Be sure your agency is tuned into the right metrics and communicates regularly.

“Will you fit into our culture?”

Your marketing agency must be a good fit in both culture and workflow. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to get the information you need from your agency contacts. You’re likely to butt heads over their responsibilities and how they should be carried out.

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