Staying Connected with Clients During Social Distancing

Stay-at-home mandates – and all the social distancing necessary to stay safe – is changing the way businesses communicate with their clients. With face-to-face interactions on pause, for the time being, it’s crucial to find fresh ways to keep relationships strong.

Entire market segments are rapidly transitioning to digital communication. Odds are that your brand already has an established voice online. Now, you have to ensure that it is interactive and personalized enough to meet your clients’ needs in a changing world.

Here are five key ways to do it:

1. Video

Video is an incredibly effective way to get your message out. Video content is much more likely to be shared than text. Plus, viewers are far more likely to remember what you are trying to tell them. Even a pre-recorded video has a human touch that few other methods can match.

2. Social Media

Social media is powerful because of its high degree of interactivity. You have the opportunity to build an online community and talk with clients, not at them. To succeed, it’s critical to post consistently and start conversations with followers who engage with your content.

3. Webinars

B2B decision-makers at all levels are still looking for ways to grow their skills. By providing a useful, informative webinar, you can position yourself as a trusted thought leader. A webinar is often capped by an interactive Q&A session to keep your participants interested.

4. Personalized Interactions

Interactive content is the name of the game when it comes to personalization. ROI calculators, self-assessments, and quizzes keep your audience following along by involving their favorite subject: Themselves. When done well, this kind of content can also pre-qualify your leads.

5. Guest Bloggers

Your clients need more information on more subjects than ever before. Even as a leader in your field, you’re unlikely to have all the answers. Reach out to adjacent businesses for guest blogging. You could help your followers with unmet needs and drive more traffic to your site.

With professional conventions shuttered, digital marketing is vital. Investing in digital now will prepare you to succeed as coronavirus restrictions start to ease and disappear. For expert help strengthening customer relationships and developing new ones, learn more about AIMG’s marketing for industrial companies.