How To Write Content That Doesn’t Suck

Web content is everything you create for online consumption that communicates your brand.

Brands are motivated to create content because it attracts organic search traffic. But, sadly, most content sucks. It’s written to move metrics, not people. And it shows.

But every B2B brand needs to publish content to be seen as an authority. So, how can you get on the “write” track with content that inspires cheers instead of yawns?

Start here:

1. Know Your Audience

Start with “who,” not “why.” Before you type a word on your blog, you need buyer personas. Personas answer who your audience is: Job title, region, and industry, of course, but also the big questions. What problems keep them up at night? What sources do they trust?

2. Have One Writing Goal Per Piece

The goal of your blog – as a whole – might be to generate subscriptions or appointments. But every content piece needs a reason to exist. That usually means drilling down to just one problem or question, then giving a substantive, useful answer or advice your readers can use right away.

3. Inject an Anecdote

As a B2B brand, you have a powerful writing tool: Years of experience with real clients. Include a story about a related business problem or question to liven up your blog posts. Done right, it motivates readers to get all the facts from a long-form case study.

4. Get Emotional

Saying there’s no place for emotion is like saying B2B content is destined to be stale, flat, and dry. Studies show content with an emotional punch gets shared. How do your readers feel about their business challenges? How will they feel after implementing your solution?

5. Do the “Other Stuff” Right

Help your words do their work. All the “other stuff” on the page counts. That means making sure every blog and social media post has at least one photo or illustration. It also means breaking up written content into manageable chunks with clear, engaging headers.

You probably didn’t go into your line of work to be a writer, let alone one who has to incorporate all the digital wisdom to make content that doesn’t suck. Don’t reinvent the wheel: Find out about our B2B content marketing.