5 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Time on Social Media

Sakarya, Turkey - August 19, 2015: Social media logos printed onto cubes. Logos include Periscope, Instagram, Linkedin, Swarm, Snapchat, Yelp, Reddit, Flickr, Yahoo, Dropbox, Blogger, Meetup, Google Plus, Youtube, Tinder, Digg, Gmail, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Social media uses web and mobile technology to connect people.Recent research suggests most online marketers spend six hours a week or more on social media. At the far end of the spectrum, 19% of those surveyed sink more than 20 hours a week into it. Not only that: More experienced social marketers tend to spend more time on the platforms.

We could charitably guess experienced social marketers find new ways to gain value and that’s why they don’t shave hours off over time. Still, the challenge remains: Most marketers, especially in small enterprises, don’t have that much time to invest – and the number of social platforms is growing!

Here’s how to trim some hours off:

Automate the Ordinary

Marketers have their pick of apps that can post for them according to a schedule they define. Sure, you’ll still have to post manually to get involved in conversations with prospects or influencers, but everyday greetings and non-industry musings can be written in advance for later use. Automation might handle half an average marketer’s posts.

Develop a Calendar

Social media is most effective when it amplifies your brand’s voice. Whenever you have new content, for example, sharing it socially builds momentum. If you have a content production schedule, you can start each day on social knowing what your goal is. This helps you maximize the impact of your time.

Time Yourself

A timer is a simple, yet incredibly powerful productivity tool many people swear by. Popularized by people seeking to enhance their focus, a 30-minute timer app can help in almost any business situation, especially if you find social media a bit tedious. Set a goal, work for 30 minutes, then check yourself and make sure you’re on task.

Always be Looking for Good Content

Start-up agency. Multi ethnic team of designers - caucasian and afro american - meeting in an office, sitting at the table and brainstorming.Posting on social media is much faster when you already have a central theme to work with. You can build relationships with influencers or decision-makers by sharing their content, so don’t wait until your designated social time to find great links. Bookmark things you see throughout the day and let them help you solidify your social focus for the next day.

Drop Networks That Aren’t Working

Every social network has its own quirks – but not all of them will work for your business. For example, it’s indisputable (at least for now) that LinkedIn is king for B2B conversions. Deploy social media analytics that can give you insight into what’s working and what’s not. If one network is dragging you down, consider coming back later.

Social media can multiply the ROI on your marketing efforts, but you don’t have to spend all day on it. Make a few efficiency-focused tweaks and you might find you can achieve just as much in a fraction of the time.