B2B Holiday Marketing Content Tips

Large group of happy businesspeople with raised arms wearing Santa's hat and looking at camera. Isolated on white.The holiday season provides unique opportunities to foster social media engagement and create a true human connection with your prospects and customers. Though everyone is different, we all have the opportunity to use the season to come together and practice true generosity of spirit. If you can find authentic ways to do the same through your brand, your holiday marketing content can make a lasting impression.

Consider these creative holiday marketing content approaches:

Break Out Seasonal Hooks for Your Web Content

It’s perfectly acceptable for your website to get a splash of holiday color or decoration, but you don’t have to stop there. Look for creative approaches: For example, Instagram or Facebook Live can help your customers feel like they’ve been invited to the company holiday party. Take the chance to introduce your team as people, not just “a brand.”

Showcase Your Genuine Generosity

We all know the holidays are the right time for discounts and special offers. There’s nothing wrong with starting these as early as October, especially in B2C enterprises. However, people also want to know that the businesses they work with share your values. If you’ve done work in the community or made charitable contributions, now’s the time to share.

Use Year-End Trends and Countdowns

calendar-507036716_2804x1868B2B sales have a tendency to drop off in winter. Budgeting and requisitions can be hard, and people have many other things on their minds. In these situations, a little soft thought leadership can be helpful. Counting down the most important industry trends, innovations, or products can get prospects’ minds back in the game and prepare them for case studies or other pre-sale content.

Try Stealing Christmas!

The holidays give you an excuse to be just that little bit more goofy, zany, or funny – and people are more likely to share the results than they would be otherwise. Writing or rewriting content from a familiar holiday perspective … Santa’s elves, Rudolph, or even the Grinch … can inject it with interest. That creates social momentum for content that might otherwise be overlooked.

Renew and Reboot Existing Relationships

coffee-break-500885006_2125x1416From November through to New Year’s, one of the most important holiday message is this: Gratitude. No business is an island, and the customers who’ve helped you along the way have a great deal to do with your success. There’s no better time to practice some customer relationship management, even if that just means sending a postcard with a heartfelt “thanks.”

The holidays come but once a year, but it’s never too early to think about how you want your digital marketing efforts to reflect you in this special time. No matter what your industry or focus, there’s a way to amplify customer value with the holidays as your guide!