6 Tips for Getting More Quality Backlinks for Your Site

In 2019, authoritative backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors in Google.

Here are six ways you can capture relevant, authoritative backlinks.

1. Publish More Content

Good content is absolutely essential to get links – but so is consistency.

Without a consistent publishing schedule, you’ll miss opportunities to attract the kind of attention you want. More content will ensure Google visits and indexes your site faster, which may raise your discoverability.

No matter your niche, it’s a sound strategy to begin with a plan of publishing at least once a week. Your posts should be aligned with the keyword strategy and buyer personas you’ve already developed.

2. Reach Out to Influencers

In this case, influencers are those who have a following of the same audience you want to speak to but aren’t in competition with you. Influencers usually have a blog and a need to curate terrific content.

Willingness to write even a short unique content piece for a blog may get you a long-lasting backlink as well as a surge of traffic when your post is shared on their email marketing list.

A basic content marketing strategy should include 2-3 outreach efforts a week.

6 Tips for Getting More Quality Backlinks for Your Site3. Use Targeted Social Media

Sad to say, but most use of social media won’t translate directly into backlinks.

If you’re in a B2B sector, however, you can make linking one goal of a social campaign by publishing on LinkedIn. When motivated professionals with active blogs respond to your posts, just engage them in a real, one-on-one conversation: A link might only be a short chat away.

4. Aim for 10X Content

To get links, your content must be better than existing content.

Simple, right?

One way of thinking about this is called 10X content: Content that’s ten times better than what’s on Google page 1 right now. Look for issues in research, completeness, readability, and how easy and fun the content is to read. Then, produce something that will wow current readers.

5. Use a Pillar Page Strategy

Pillar pages are becoming enormously popular in content marketing. They act as “topic guides” that guide a user through a topic from end to end while linking internally to subtopic pages. Since they are so comprehensive, they tend to attract a larger quantity of links faster.

6. Create an Email List

An email marketing list allows you to send subscribers a regular digest of your best content. Because they are less likely to miss your “greatest hits,” they are, in turn, more likely to link them. Plus, a list accelerates engagement and makes conversions more likely.

Remember, about 10%-20% of links are lost each year, so it’s crucial to give daily attention to link building efforts.

To learn more about enhancing your online visibility through search engine optimization strategies, speak with an Amplify industrial marketing specialist.