7 Tips for Improving Email Click-Through Rates (CTRs)

Delivery and open rates are important, but it’s email click-through rates that pay the bills.

Email marketers should test and optimize emails to maximize click-through just as they would with any offer page on a website.

Luckily, when you prepare an email campaign, you’re not starting from scratch: There are proven practices that get more clicks.

Let’s Review 7 Tips for Boosting Email Click-Through Rates

1 Use Only ONE Call to Action (CTA)

Just like your landing pages, your marketing emails should include only one call to action. Think about it: Having two CTAs makes each one 50% less likely to actually get a reader’s attention. The fewer distractions, the better.

2 Repeat That ONE Call to Action Throughout Your Email

Another tip inspired by landing pages: Don’t make your readers scroll all the way to the bottom to take action. This is especially crucial in email because most emails are read on mobile. A longer message is harder to navigate.

3 Emphasize CTAs with Text

A line of text above and below a button-based CTA can make it even more enticing. For example, you can use the line below the button to let viewers know when the offer is slated to end. It’s a little like a P.S. in (you guessed it) a landing page.

4 Include Quotes and Results

email click-through rate

Social proof is powerful in all digital marketing. It becomes even more valuable as B2B buyers approach a decision. Leverage social proof by including quotes from satisfied customers or hard statistics on your solutions’ business outcomes.

5 Test Out Buttons vs. Text

Button-based CTA generally have the best click-through rates and are the preferred option if you exclusively send HTML emails. If you send text-based emails, it’s even more essential to test and monitor your results: It can go either way.

6 Optimize Emails for Mobile

Since mobile is the preferred platform for checking emails these days, it makes sense to be sure layout, design, and typography are mobile-friendly. Text size should be legible for small displays. Buttons and links should be easy to click with a finger.

7 Use a Countdown Timer

Sure, a traditional “P.S.” can work in an email, but most readers see it as a bit of a hard sell. Much more effective in email is the inclusion of a countdown timer that shows when prices will go up. This signals urgency, making it less likely readers will put off acting on your message.

(And if they do put it off, they’re more likely to remember it later.)

Email is one of the most powerful parts of your marketing toolkit. Done well, it can inspire sales at will. These methods all help you get the results you want that much sooner.