What B2B Marketers Need to Know to be Successful on the Google Display Network

When it comes to finding prospects at the very moment they’re interested in your product or service, nothing beats the Google Search Network (GSN).

Unfortunately, many GSN topics are oversaturated, so good keywords become prohibitively expensive. Likewise, there are many people interested in your topic who aren’t searching. Search does nothing to reach these people, who could be a large percentage of your total audience!

Enter Google Display Network (GDN).

Since practically the very beginning of Google, the Display Network has had a mixed reputation. A vast variety of publishers can get approved to show GDN ads – there are two million and counting. This, of course, includes controversial sites and those whose tone clashes with your brand.

That said, GDN also offers a tremendous opportunity – one that remains largely untapped.

Making Google Display Network Work for Your B2B Business

There’s a fundamental difference between Search and Display:

  • Search: Captures users with a specific problem, including those with buying intent.
  • Display: Captures users with a specific interest, helping to build brand awareness.

GDN’s primary goal is to ensure users whose interests align with your area of expertise will know your brand and what it has to offer when they see it. Once you know this – and use the included targeting tools with it in mind – the mystery of GDN largely falls away.

Here’s how to make the most of it:

Get Very Specific With Topics

Unlike Search’s keyword-based system, GDN mostly focuses on pre-defined topic areas. Though these don’t permit customization per se, they go deep and have many layers. Be sure you get as close to your niche as possible by choosing third-level topics, not first or second.

b2b google display networkUse Highly Targeted Placements

As print recedes from the market, venerable publications are moving communities of readers online. You’re bound to find that some of the most respected publications in your industry use GDN. Using these placements can help your ads seem more trustworthy.

Embrace Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most versatile and powerful uses of Display. By using remarketing across both Search and Display, you’re creating a positive feedback loop that will allow you to customize ads and messaging even for users who’ve had limited interaction with your site.

Use Category Exclusions

This is your number one tool for ensuring Display placements don’t put you side by side with content you don’t want to be associated with. Category exclusions let you cut sensitive and mature content from consideration. They offer a surprisingly rich set of options.

For B2B, the best Google Display results come from using the network in tandem with Search. Understanding its goals and the right options to drive success will make it an indispensable tool.