B2B Sales Reps Make More Sales When They Use Social Media

B2B sales reps who aren’t using social media as part of their strategy are missing out.

When it comes to B2B, some social media platforms are better than others. For example, people usually visit Facebook when they are ready to relax after work (or just get distracted during it!)

On the other extreme, LinkedIn has cemented its position as the king of online B2B prospecting. Some experts estimate it’s responsible for 80% of social media B2B leads. What’s more, it has a strong role in many B2B product launches.

6 Ways Social Selling Works for B2B Sales Reps

Social media isn’t perfect for every sales challenge, but it can be a tremendous adjunct to other lead generation approaches. Plus, it has the potential for near-instant results without the upfront investment of something like pay-per-click advertising.

Social selling shines in many situations for B2B sales reps:

Modern social media platforms provide their own built-in analytics that can raise the visibility of your prospects to maximum. Plus, prospects send plenty of useful signals themselves – in who they follow or what groups they participate in, to name just two.

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Networking has truly never been easier than it is today. Social media helps people see and sort into all kinds of affiliation groups based on their professional background, current goals, and personal interests. That means you always have something in common to highlight.

Content is remarkably important in any B2B buying process. Decision-makers need to define the problem, assemble their options, and develop buying criteria. Social media amplifies your brand voice so you can be the trusted expert catering to these needs as they arise.

Long-term customer retention is about building relationships. It’s inherently social – just like social media. Retention becomes easier when you proactively monitor the sentiment around your brand and intervene when customer service problems are not being addressed.

Current customers make their needs known on social media. Since it only takes an instant to dash off a social post, they might even do it before they bring those needs to you. With social media as a sounding board, you can find unexpected ways to add value to every relationship.

Pipeline Management
Social media is uniquely responsive, so it can infuse your sales efforts with greater predictability. Your ability to learn what works and refine your technique is limited only by the time you can invest. With expertise in social selling, you’ll have the power to generate new business practically at will.

Social selling is an exciting opportunity for B2B sales reps, but it’s still in its infancy. There are best practices yet to be pioneered and an endless terrain of opportunity to discover. Devote a few hours weekly to social selling and you might just find you’re hooked.