Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts and Myths

Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts & Myths

Search is changing, and Google is changing with it. More search traffic now originates from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. With this in mind, Google now uses the mobile version of your site as the definitive “copy” that determine search rankings. This is referred to as “mobile-first indexing,” and understandably, it has […]

How to Rank on Google: 7 Crucial SEO Tips

How to Rank on Google: 7 Crucial SEO Tips

Read our Industrial Marketing blog to learn the different search engine optimization [SEO] tips to implement in order to rank higher on Google.

Google Mobile-First Indexing: How to Leverage the B2B Buyer Journey

Mobile-first indexing is Google’s new way of using a website’s mobile version for indexing purposes as opposed to indexing the desktop version to evaluate content. It doesn’t mean that desktop-only sites will be penalized, but over time, it could increase the ranking possibilities of mobile-friendly websites. Google prefers website-friendly sites for multiple reasons, including but […]