Enhancing Your Digital Strategy with Google Analytics 4 and Google Signals

We are living in an increasingly digital world, where understanding your audience’s behavior across different platforms and devices is critical for business success. To help you gain this understanding, Google has developed powerful tools like Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Signals. In this post, we will delve into these tools, explaining what they are, […]

The End of Universal Google Analytics: What You Need to Know!

Google Analytics was always considered one of the company’s flagship tools. Website owners rely on its data to assess website performance and, specifically, track user behavior. Starting July 1st, 2023, the platform will undergo a major overhaul. Instead of previous Google Analytics 3, or Universal Analytics (UA), users will switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). […]

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What Business Owners Need to Know About Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update

What is Google Page Experience? Google Page Experience represents a reorganization of four existing search engine ranking signals and the introduction of three new signals called “Core Web Vitals.” Google Page Experience is expected to go live in May 2021. What Has Changed and Why? Most modern industrial websites are already performing in accordance with […]

How Big Changes to Browser Settings, Cookies, & Privacy Will Affect Campaign Tracking

For years, internet marketing has depended on the cookie to track user behavior. Soon, that will change. The Google Chrome browsing team has announced that future iterations of the browser will automatically reject third-party cookies by 2022. This dovetails with global trends toward more stringent privacy protections. Here’s what to know: How have browser settings […]

Google in 2020: Rules and Trends to Boost Search Engine Effectiveness

Google in 2020: Rules and Trends to Boost Search Engine Effectiveness

It wasn’t long ago when major changes in Google’s search algorithm would capture headlines around the Web. These days, the Big G is more subtle about what goes on behind the curtain – but the rules of search engine optimization continue to evolve. Google is relying more on AI to power its search engine, so changes are happening […]

Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts & Myths

Google Mobile-First Indexing Facts & Myths

Search is changing, and Google is changing with it. More search traffic now originates from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. With this in mind, Google now uses the mobile version of your site as the definitive “copy” that determine search rankings. This is referred to as “mobile-first indexing,” and understandably, it has […]

How to Rank on Google: 7 Crucial SEO Tips

How to Rank on Google: 7 Crucial SEO Tips

Read our Industrial Marketing blog to learn the different search engine optimization [SEO] tips to implement in order to rank higher on Google.

Google Mobile-First Indexing: How to Leverage the B2B Buyer Journey

Mobile-first indexing is Google’s new way of using a website’s mobile version for indexing purposes as opposed to indexing the desktop version to evaluate content. It doesn’t mean that desktop-only sites will be penalized, but over time, it could increase the ranking possibilities of mobile-friendly websites. Google prefers website-friendly sites for multiple reasons, including but […]