7 Ways to Optimize Content Marketing

Everyone knows content marketing is vital to B2B success on the Web. Every day, it gets bigger and more competitive. Still, clear results from content can be elusive. Any good content strategy consists of best practices that work together to make a difference.

Not every enterprise needs every content marketing tool and technique. That said, it’s crucial to choose the tactics that can be done well and consistently in your own organization. In 2017, start with these seven strategy game-changers to optimize content marketing for your business.

1) Learn More About Your Audience

One of the marks of effective content is its value to your audience. If they are willing to trade personal information for your content, you are doing something right. This is a great way to get them to answer questions about their needs and preferences that can help you focus.

2) Update Your Keywords

Content strategy usually begins with a few core questions you can answer. These are expressed by your users in the form of keywords – inquiries entered into search. Over time, as you build content, move on to incorporate additional questions. More keywords mean more chances to connect with users.

3) Launch a Content Calendar

When it comes to content, consistency is an area where many enterprises fall short. Posting blogs once a month simply isn’t enough. A calendar helps you organize topics and plan content for maximum impact. Plus, it empowers sales and marketing to use your content as a tool.

4) Update Your Headlines

A blog’s headline is the #1 determinant of whether or not a user will click it. Those who do read the headline are most likely to look at the call to action, too. There’s a reason Upworthy is the most-shared website on Facebook: Its headlines are consistently compelling.

5) Perform Split-Testing

How can you really get the most from all the time spent crafting the perfect headline? Use split-testing to find out once and for all which version is most effective. Split-testing serves slightly different versions of your content to users so you can find the one that works best.

6) Make Sharing Easier

Sharing may be caring, but most users won’t do it unless you make it easy. There are plenty of creative, eye-catching ways to embed social sharing buttons into content. Recently, “tweet this quote” buttons have become popular. Explore and experiment to find the right option for you.

7) Use Visual Content

Even a simple stock photo makes a post far more likely to be shared. Deeper visual content is even more powerful: Infographics are “liked” and shared on social three times more than any other kind of content around. Time you invest on visuals can give your content huge reach!