AdWords for Beginners

adwords-1Google AdWords is one of the biggest digital advertising platforms – large retailers spend up to $50 million annually on it. Google earned $100 million daily on AdWords in 2012.

Getting onto this immense platform is intimidating, but with preparation, you can use AdWords to gain clicks, exposure, and leads.

Making AdWords Work Doesn’t Start With Writing Ads

Done correctly, AdWords generates tremendous, consistent ROI. Getting there, however, means resisting the temptation to throw some ads together and “see what sticks.” Odds are nothing will!

Getting AdWords ROI starts with preparation:

Start With Customers’ Needs

Each campaign should target a specific customer segment. Success hinges on understanding who your customers are and what they want, so start by identifying the ideal customer. Ads need to differentiate your brand and spur action – they can only do it if they speak directly to someone.


Run Competitive Audits

You can discover much about your market by examining successful rivals. AdWords ads are keyword-based – they focus on specific search queries – so gathering intelligence is easy. Try using SEMrush to see keywords and ads associated with competing brands.

Build a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

AdWords ads communicate a lot in few words. People see online ads constantly: The only way to get attention is to lead with uniqueness. What do you do well? How do your strengths deliver on consumer needs? Can you distill your brand into one sentence? That’s your USP.

Use the Keyword Planner

Time to research keywords using Google’s Keyword Planner. Enter your keyword and click “Get Ideas.” You’ll see closely-related keywords, their monthly search traffic, competition level, and a “Suggested Bid” you must meet or exceed for your ad to be visible.

Write an Ad Around Your USP

Now that you’ve selected some keywords, write some ads using the USP as the theme. It may take several tries to craft a compelling headline and benefits-focused ad copy. Don’t forget to include your keyword and call-to-action in each ad.

Build a Landing Page Around Your Ad

Before you deploy an ad, you need somewhere for it to go. When they click an ad, users want to know instantly that they’re “in the right place” – your home page won’t do. Instead, you need a compelling landing page that’s completely dedicated to the specific offer or message in your ad.

You’ll repeat this process for each ad in every campaign you launch – but remember to start slow. Use analytics to measure traffic and gain insights into how your landing pages perform. With a systematic approach, you can save (and earn) a lot more money.

If you’re considering working with a professional to manage your AdWords account, contact us today!