AIMG Develops Responsive Website for Manufacturing Company

Gemco Manufacturing, manufacturer of a wide range of metal components, found themselves in need of digital sales, but no foundation to build upon. They enlisted AIMG to develop their first responsive website.

The first and most important thing that Gemco needed was an update to the back end of their site. Without making significant design changes, AIMG moved their site into a responsive website format. This means that their site now worked on multiple devices, not just desktops.

This is important for many reasons. B2B buyers are purchasing items online more and more. They’re also using their phones more frequently to browse for new products. There’s a wealth of opportunity for sites who make the switch to being responsive across all devices. Not to mention, Google penalizes websites for not being mobile-friendly – it’s hard to show up in search results in the first place without a responsive website.

AIMG also converted the website into a WordPress format. This was because WordPress is a very simple content management system (CMS) and Gemco wanted the ability for their own employees to make content and design edits in-house. During this process, the site was also prepared to contain a blog at a point in the future when Gemco felt it was necessary.

In the end, with minimal front-end edits, Gemco gained a website with significant functionality compared to previous iterations and also gained the ability to easily make their own changes to it in-house.

You can see the website here:

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