AIMG | Accurate Imaging Designs & Manages Email Campaign for Leading Machine Vision Distributor

Leading national machine vision distributor and systems integrator Phase 1 Technology Corp. approached their longtime marketing firm AIMG | Accurate Imaging looking for the best way for their inside sales account manager to promote among her existing contacts the new NERLITE backlighting system from Siemens. AIMG proposed a targeted email campaign.

AIMG had previously designed and developed an existing client and lead tracking database for Phase 1 Technology. One of the great features of the application is the ability to run database marketing campaigns that are targeted to a segment of the client’s customer base. AIMG developed a focused email campaign to target a group of customers associated with one of the client’s inside account managers. AIMG carefully designed email creative that could not be construed as unwanted spam or junk mail. The email body copy took the form of a personalized letter, addressed directly to each customer, and signed by the inside account manager with whom they deal on a regular basis.

The email campaign was a great success, resulting in a 25% positive response rate. In addition to the highly focused email creative, the targeted list of existing clients who recognized from whom the email came, and Phase 1 Technology’s reputation for providing quality products at competitive prices, the success of the campaign can also be attributed to the specific call to action that directed respondents to call the account manager. Those who called were definitely interested in the product and the prospect of a sale was all but guaranteed.

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