AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops E-commerce Website for Start-Up Xyber Technologies

Start-up computer design and manufacturing company Xyber Technologies has been working with AIMG | Accurate Imaging in preparation for its official launch. In addition to a comprehensive long term marketing strategy both online and offline, AIMG developed an ecommerce website to integrate with Xyber Technologies' third party backend business solution.

Xyber Technologies has been working closely with AIMG to prepare for the launch of its fully customizable high performance silent desktop PC systems featuring its patented and innovative passive heat dissipation cooling system. The website is a full-blown ecommerce solution that serves to introduce new site visitors to the company, the customizable PC system possibilities and the technology as well as provide a way for customers to purchase online, monitor order and shipping status, and manage account details.

Offering four system possibilities in the initial MK Series, AIMG designed a separate section for each of the series' models to address the specific interests of the four target audience groups: high end gaming, home desktop, business desktop workstation and home theater. To make the customization process easier, AIMG suggested to the client that each of the four units, although fully customizable, be offered with a base configuration that helps a customer to get started. Additionally, AIMG designed a unit comparison chart to help the customer with the selection process. The chart provides a quick overview of the principal distinguishing features and benefits of each unit.

The marketing section of the website is seamlessly integrated with the third party backend business solution where shopping occurs and through which orders, shipping and customer accounts are managed online. Should the client decide in the future to switch to another third party backend business solution, or have one custom built, the website is designed to easily accommodate a change without the loss of vital product pages. Additionally, as new products and series are introduced, the website can be easily expanded to include the new product pages.

AIMG continues to work with Xyber Technologies to prepare for and execute market penetration initiatives.


About Xyber Technologies

Xyber Technologies designs and manufactures high performance silent PCs for home, business, medical, military, industrial and commercial use. Using a patented heat dissipation technology, each unit is precision engineered using the best components and offers greater computing power that is silent, more efficient, environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. For more information visit