AIMG | Accurate Imaging Integrates Everest Business Management Software with Winning Website Design

AIMG | Accurate Imaging successfully integrated Everest Business Management Software with a winning website design for the start-up computer design and manufacturing company Xyber Technologies.

Xyber Technologies wanted to have a single solution from which to manage all of its online custom computer sales. AIMG seamlessly integrated the backend business management and frontend online storefront developed by Everest with a Xyber branded website design that provides site visitors with the required sales and marketing information and images to help them with their online purchases.

Once the site visitors are ready to place an order, they are re-directed to the Everest Software solution that has been branded to match the non-Everest portion of the Xyber Technologies’ website. AIMG successfully overcame the challenges and inherent limitations presented by the third party software. The Everest solution is very rigid in terms of customization to suit the business model of its client. AIMG was able to keep as much product information as possible on the corporate site thereby balancing the needs of Xyber Technologies with the restrictions imposed by the management software. The Everest storefront application blends seamlessly with the corporate site, and offers users a rich experience while shopping.

With the solution developed by AIMG, Xyber Technologies is able to manage its business using the 3rd party solution that they chose while still benefiting from a custom designed, branded website over which they have complete creative control.

AIMG has developed a third party software integration solution that offers Xyber Technologies long term benefits and complete flexibility. If Xyber Technologies ever decides to discontinue using the Everest Software they will not lose any valuable product or sales and marketing pages. AIMG can simply remove the existing third party software and replace it with the client’s new preference.

AIMG | Accurate Imaging creates custom website design and application solutions in addition to third party integration.