AIMG | Accurate Imaging Enhances Search in New Dynamic Website Design for the AIA’s

AIMG recently launched the new dynamic website design developed for the Automated Imaging Association’s global vision resource site

A global website providing a wide array of resources and information, serves a diverse audience consisting of industry members and non-members who may be new to machine vision. As a result, AIMG recognized the need for enhanced Search tools that would effectively serve all visitors to the site, whether they are seasoned industry professionals or looking to automate their operations for the first time.
The new dynamic website design features a quickly identifiable Search tool for each category of information available at Among the many options presented, members and non-members alike can easily Find a Product, Find a Company, Find An Integrator, Search the Website, Search Vision Resources, or even search information like Featured Articles, Industry News, and New Product News.
There is also an interactive Ask the Expert tool where users can pose a question online which will be answered by an expert in the industry who will then post his response online, making it part of the searchable archive of questions asked and answered.

The dynamic website has a built-in ecommerce application that allows users to make payments online for a variety of resources and services offered. A user who visits the Online Store, for example, may purchase and download literature online. Other ecommerce services available online are membership registration and a variety of advertiser programs.

The new website designed and developed by AIMG for the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) offers users of all types a fast, easy and enjoyable way to search, find and interact with the vast array of career, educational and informational resources, as well as membership and advertiser opportunities, conveniently available to a global audience at