AIMG Creates Interactive Product Image Slideshow for Bendheim Wall Systems

AIMG’s long time client Bendheim Corporation wanted a way to use their existing images to bring site visitors closer to the look and feel of the glass product selections available for their custom wall systems. Having built the site, AIMG was able to easily implement an interactive feature that allows site visitors to click a link to enlarge the image and then click through a slide show presentation of images that demonstrate the different effects offered by single and double glazing applications. The tool helps prospective customers interact with the product online, generating greater interest and effectively moving them through the conversion process to either place a call to Bendheim Wall Systems or fill in the convenient online contact form, and even close a sale.

“Now the client can have a conversation with a prospective customer online,” says President & CEO of AIMG Joe DeMicco, “and clearly illustrate how the wall glass options are affected by the different treatments. The enhanced product image presentation helps the customer to decide the effect that best suits his needs and tastes and ultimately move the sale to the next step.”
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