AIMG Designs Website for Local NY Tax & Financial Services Agency

The Imperato Agency is a local tax preparation and financial services group located in Queens, NY that serves clients throughout New York City and Long Island as well as New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Offering a wide variety of business and personal services for tax preparation, insurance, and real estate, as well as legal services, the agency contracted AIMG’s Small Business Division to design a website that effectively reaches out to all their different target markets and areas.

“Effectively reaching and communicating with the client’s local audience groups,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG, “was our main objective with the new website design. In order to fill out all the sections of the site, we needed to develop strong site content both visually and textually.
Typically, clients are either too busy or do not have the internal resources to create compelling website content. AIMG is fortunate to have a highly skilled team of website content developers who specialize in defining and delivering their message with minimal impact to their already “overtaxed” time and resources. In fact, this project was contracted, written, developed and successfully launched during our client’s busiest time of year. The result is an engaging website experience for each one of The Imperato Agency’s targeted audience groups.”
With easy to follow site navigation and an eye-catching animated slide show feature that introduces each service offered, site visitors have multiple paths, visual and textual, available to lead them to the information they seek. Strategically composed and placed calls-to-action serve to seamlessly guide visitors through the conversion process to place a call or submit the online form.
AIMG encourages all clients to track results both online and offline. To facilitate online tracking and website analysis of visitor behavior, AIMG implemented analytics throughout the Imperato Agency site with customized reporting that will allow them to better serve their clients for years to come.
“AIMG did a great job with the new website” said Anthony Imperato III, President of The Imperato Agency. “Now we have a powerful web presence and an effective marketing tool to reach out to potential new clients.”
AIMG is a full service marketing and web development agency that partners with companies to help them market and build their business both online and offline.
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