AIMG Develops Tools to Help Consumers Buy Bendheim Cabinet Glass

AIMG developed and implemented a host of new website tools to guide consumers seamlessly through the glass selection and purchasing process at Bendheim Cabinet Glass. These tools not only increase website conversion but help the client to effectively manage sales acquisition costs.

“Buying glass for home renovation projects is new to many homeowners,” says Craig Bickford, Senior Project Manager at AIMG. “Not everyone knows what “laminated” or “tempered” mean, for example, or if it’s something they really need or want. So we worked with the client to understand the pieces of information that consumers often need clarification on and developed the tools in a way that presents this information in the most concise manner and at the best time during the shopping cart process. Lastly, once they make a selection based on understanding, their choice is automatically reflected in the price. All in all, the ordering process is simplified for the consumer and the client enjoys increased orders that often require no customer support until after the sale has been made.”
The result is a virtual step-by-step guide that allows consumers to mouse-over a term for which they require more understanding. A pop-up appears that provides an explanation. As selections are made the price is automatically calculated and appears in a colored box next to the Add to Order button. At any time the customer can click on a tab for “Measuring Instructions,” which provides a step-by-step guide that helps ensure the customer provides the right measurements on the order form.
Provided with a comprehensive set of helpful tools that accompany each product in the online catalog, customers become truly educated consumers. They are given the confidence they need to go through with their online purchase without the assistance of an online or telephone customer support agent. The client is now able to effectively manage ‘cost per sale’ just by having the right systems in place.
AIMG develops website tools to enhance online sales and website conversion. From custom website applications to the integration and enhancement of a third-party solution, AIMG works with you to ensure you get the solution that makes sense for you.