AIMG’s Customer-Driven Updates for

To align website functionality with customers’ on-site behavior, AIMG recently performed a number of updates to the website.

“AIMG has built and manages six of Bendheim Corporation’s websites,” said Joe DeMicco, President & Founder of AIMG. “Our development approach focuses on understanding what the site visitor does and the ways in which the website needs to function  to seamlessly guide each visitor through to conversion, whether it’s making an online purchase, placing a call, visiting the store, or filling out a form. The website gives home owners a unique opportunity to shop for custom glass solutions online. Our objective is to ensure the website fulfills expectations along the purchase path to provide a successful online shopping experience.”

Updates were made along the entire purchase path to make the experience easier and more intuitive for the user. Product pages were streamlined to ensure the important information and tools needed are at-hand. Several adjustments were also made to the shopping cart and check-out process to make it more user-friendly.

AIMG develops and designs custom and third-party ecommerce websites and content management system website solutions, including custom branding and functionality to fulfill a wide variety of online sales, marketing, lead tracking and administrative needs. To speak with a web specialist call (888) 291-0037 or visit

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