Apple’s New Email Privacy Protections: What Marketers Need to Know

As a marketing professional, you have to keep up with the latest policies companies follow if they affect your marketing strategies. Since companies often change their policies, it’s good to follow the latest developments so your marketing strategies are successful.

Apple is one company that recently put new email privacy protections in place which is something to keep on your radar.

Apple Changed Its Email Privacy Protections

Apple’s new changes are focused on email privacy protections. The new email privacy protections contain the following main features:

  • Turn Off Tracking Pixels: Apple users can do away with tracking pixels, so email marketers won’t know if they opened emails.
  • Private Relay Feature: The private relay feature allows Apple iCloud subscribers to hide their IP addresses.
  • Hide My Email Feature: Users can share unique and random email addresses and these addresses can forward emails to their personal inbox.

Why Apple Changed Its Policy

Apple is known for its leadership in privacy commitment to users. The company added these new features as a way for its users to have more control over their online privacy. The latest additions provide users with a safeguard to protect their information from email marketers and other outside companies.

Risk of Not Being Aware of These Changes

As a marketing professional, you should know about the latest privacy policy changes, including these new features. When you’re aware of the latest changes, you can alter your marketing practices and ensure your communications reach your intended person.

If you’re not aware of the recent changes Apple put into motion, you may be working hard to reach an audience and not doing so. This wastes time and money, which your company likely doesn’t want to do!

Future Considerations Due to the New Policy

With the new Apple policy changes in mind, consider the following factors when using marketing strategies to reach your desired audience:

  • How can I reach these Apple users online so my company can provide them with marketing content?
  • Can the intended audience see the marketing content?
  • Which of my marketing content reaches Apple users under this new policy?

When you consider all these questions, you can tailor your marketing strategy to reach Apple users even with these new policies in place.

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