Why Adding Contacts to Your CRM is More Important Than Ever for Marketing (and How to Do It)

Before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, privacy laws were rolling out at an impressive speed. Then, once the pandemic hit, this surge of legislation settled down for a while. Now it’s picking back up, and your business needs to respond accordingly by using your strong list of contacts. After all, it may be more challenging to build a contact list going forward, so you want to rely on the information you have to reach customers and do so legally.

Read on to learn about contact management and customer relationship management while learning how to build your contact list.

Contact Management vs. Customer Relationship Management

Contact management is when you store and track data on customers and relevant leads. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of managing customer relationships and nurturing those relationships. CRM is usually done via a CRM system.

With both contact management and CRM, you want to foster extended relationships with the customers you have. You want your customers to remember your business and contact you for all their relevant product and service needs.

Risk of Not Having a Strong List of Contacts

If you don’t have a substantial list of contacts, you have to search for new customers. Rather than extend the commercial relationships you have with current customers, you have to spend time and money gaining new customers and expanding your client base. Even though you want to add to your customer base continually, it’s helpful to have loyal customers who contact you time and time again for your products and services.

How to Add More Contacts to Your CRM

If you want to add more contacts to your CRM, here are some tips for doing so:

  • Make your business known online: Get your business seen online by establishing a digital presence. Create a blog on your website and post helpful articles or send out a monthly newsletter to keep your business name on the minds of many.
  • Network the old-fashioned way: Networking in your local community and online is a great way to add more contacts to your CRM.
  • Guest blogging to get the word out on your business: In addition to creating a blog on your website and adding content to it, you should also contribute articles to guest blogs that pertain to your industry. This will create a buzz surrounding your business name and help you build your contact list.
  • Referrals are still in style: Referrals are a great way to expand your customer base. After all, when people pass around your name, they’re not just saying you’re a business in the industry. They’re saying you’re an excellent business in the industry.

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