Privacy Rules Marketers Need to Know for 2022

When you engage in marketing for your company, you want to attract new customers and keep the ones you have. As you create a marketing plan and put your marketing strategies into motion, there are certain rules and regulations to keep in mind. Privacy rules are one set of guidelines you must follow to ensure you’re handling your marketing campaign the right way.

Read on to learn more about privacy rules marketers need to know for 2022 and why it’s important to keep up with these ever-changing guidelines.

Risk of Not Keeping Up with Privacy Rules

It’s important you keep up with privacy rules, understand them, and then adhere to them. If you don’t, you may face legal ramifications. Therefore, you must know what you legally can and can’t do regarding consumer privacy. Since this area is constantly changing and your business is responsible for keeping up with these changes, you should always have privacy rules on your business radar.

Examples of New Privacy Rules

The exact privacy rules your business must abide by depend on many factors, such as state location, area of industry, consumer practices, and more. Therefore, you need to know what applies to your business and your location to ensure you’re following the privacy rules that apply to you.

Here are two examples of recent privacy policy changes:

  • Apple’s New Privacy Policies: Apple put new privacy updates into effect, which are much more restrictive than before. The recent change makes it essential for iOS 14.5 users to opt in for them to share unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) with apps.
  • Google Getting Rid of Cookies: Google also changed a current privacy policy by planning to phase out Chrome third-party cookies by 2022.

As these new privacy policies roll out, consumers are sure to feel a bit more secure knowing their privacy is protected. Therefore, you want your business to protect the privacy of consumers as well. Also, you should know how these new privacy rules affect your business.

How to Stay Ahead of Changing Rules

In order to stay ahead of the changing privacy rules, you can do the following including:

  • Know what upcoming privacy changes are in the works
  • Understand how privacy policies affect your business
  • Figure out how your business will respond to new privacy policies
  • Always let your current and future customers know their privacy matters

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