Amplify Completes Medical Website Redesign for Elite Neurosurgical Facility

Hudson Valley Brain and Spine Surgery (HVBSS) is a top-tier neurosurgical facility in the Hudson Valley area. They recently approached Amplify with a need for a completely new website and brand, along with ongoing inbound marketing services, to attract more patients and physician referrers.

“Hudson Valley Brain and Spine Surgery has a long track record of producing great results for their patients,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder & CEO of Amplify. “Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Degen are both board-certified and educated at some of the most elite medical centers in the world. Their existing website fell short in reflecting their combined expertise and the life-changing results their patients were receiving. The website needed a complete overhaul before an integrated marketing initiative would be successful.”

After meeting with key stakeholders within HVBSS, Amplify developed the core messaging for HVBSS, as well as several sections to educate patients on various conditions and their treatments. HVBSS’ book of patient testimonials was used throughout the site as a testament to the quality of their work. Mobile-responsive design, in alignment with the core messaging, helped form HVBSS’ new brand and completed the website project.

“The new website showcased HVBSS’ surgical expertise and highlighted the thousands of former patients who’ve had their lives completely changed after surgery,” DeMicco said. “Large sections of educational content demonstrated their knowledge but also eased the fears of potential patients. The completed website was effective in bringing in new patients, as well as referring physicians. In the end, the new brand and the new website proved to be a new source of revenue.”

You can view HVBSS’ new website here:

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