Understanding the Rise of B2B Video Marketing

The meteoric rise of video marketing is one of the biggest B2B changes in recent memory.

Video content is popular across the board, of course. YouTube serves up billions of hours of video every year, most related to subjects of interest to the general public.

However, the emergence of video marketing is a trend making waves across the B2B world, including in industries that have usually been considered resistant to change.

Video’s power isn’t limited to tech: it’s being felt in areas as diverse as manufacturing and finance. Decision-makers of all ages and backgrounds are watching it.

Why is it happening?

The Benefits of Video Content for Your B2B Audience

Video Content is Perfect for Time-Crunched Decision-Makers

Video content is easy to consume in a variety of situations. It can be much easier to understand than a blog, white paper, or other detailed content, especially for someone on the go. Executives use commutes and other downtime for product research, and video content is ideal.

Video Content Helps Summarize and Clarify Complex Choices

The Benefits of B2B Video Marketing

Video content tends to “get to the point” much more quickly than text content. Watching a video means users do not have to worry about scanning a page for the most important details: they can let conclusions, which are often focused and concise, wash over them while they think.

Video Content is Easier to Access Than Ever Before

Until recently, bandwidth was the main barrier to video content. YouTube and a handful of other platforms have made it trivial to host video content, but users still needed the means to receive it. Now, most Americans own smartphones and data plans are robust enough for video.

Your B2B Brand Should Get on Board With Video Content

The benefits of B2B video content aren’t limited to your customers. As a business, you can leverage video to achieve results in areas where most other content types will struggle.

If you’re not excited about B2B video marketing, consider these facts:

Video Content Improves Information Retention

According to Inc. Magazine, visual content raises brand awareness, engagement, and message association. These are key factors in a world where Web users are far more likely to scan the subheads of your text content rather than read it in detail. Video can stick in their minds!

Video Content Enhances Other B2B Content

Video has a variety of positive effects on other content. For example, landing pages that feature a video tend to be much more effective. The improvement in conversion rate is noticeable even when users do not watch the video. Video has a psychological, as well as practical, effect.

B2B video content is a tremendous opportunity – the sooner you embrace it, the better.